A silly gal who does graphic design. Fond of Brussels Griffons, orangutans, and actors who were famous in the 2000s. New York Shitty born and raised. This site should be viewd on dekstop 


Tan France x Nestig

Art Direction | Branding
The Tan France collab was my first big project at Nestig. I designed a whole landing page dedicated to the collection. In addition, I created a custom logo that spoke to our branding and aesthetic. This bespoke package became the north star for every collaboration that came after Tan. You can view the landing page HERE

Landing page hero

Launch IG story

Lindsay Lohan x Nestig

Art Direction | Branding
Similar to Tan France’s collection, another huge celebrity moment for Nestig was Lindsay Lohan. This was a big fish for Nestig to catch and a fun branding exercise for me. You can find the assets used on-site and marketing collateral below.
Collection page snapshot

Richard Scarry x Nestig

Art Direction | Branding | Landing Page
Nestig’s first real foray into the land of licensing involved not just Nestig products in the shape and likeness of Richard Scarry’s characters, but also a thorough brand marketing plan surrounding the idea of “Busy Town” and falling into the Busy World of Richard Scarry. Take a look at the full landing page.

Landing page snapshot

Art direction ideation
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