A big moment for me at Nestig was concepting and delivering the art direction for the newest hero product, chairs. This launch is to go live sometime in Spring 2024. This campaign explores the feeling of being held—giving and receiving true tenderness and deep support. A hug starts with a hand reaching out, which looks similar to a Bauhaus chair. Those similarities were my jumping-off points and led me to the dualities of structure and form and what that means both in the world of furniture as well as in a person’s life.  


Another big win was coming up with a concept for a shoot that will happen in Brazil in late February 2024. I pitched this idea to the Head of Brand Marketing and the CMO and they were both impressed with the idea. I originally came up with a few concepts (a few are better than one!), but the strongest was the idea for Generations. I’ve laid out below the idea from its moodboard format to pitch deck delivery.

UGC examples I would have wanted to see
The winning idea!
Another cool thing I would like to see that probably would be more geared towards organic
The final concept coming to life
Part of the final deck shared with stakeholders